Gemma Marten

"I had heard about András being a great coach but when I saw him teaching the class I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of his team. András is a great coach who has a lot of time for his boxers, he is unique to other coaches as his love for the sport comes through in his teaching. András has taken me from a beginner to southern area champion in only a couple of years. I don't think I could have learnt so much from anyone else. With András, boxing is not just about winning but about being the best you can and to enjoy the experience. The classes are always well run and friendly and everyone is always welcomed no matter what experience they have."

Justine O’Shea

"I started training with Andras 3 years ago and have never looked back.
he is the best trainer I have met and also have fun whilst training which really works for me! He is technically amazing and reads your body well to what you can physically do. I can't ever imagine not training with him in the near future. It was important to me to start boxing in later life at 46 and has never been a problem, so anyone can start anytime and be looked after extremely well."

Mike Dyne

"Andras is a wonderful trainer. I've been working with him for 3 years and he’s turned my life around. His approach to Boxing as a sport is quite fantastic. He provides a friendly environment that encourages his students to help each other improve in the sport. People of all walks of life attend his classes; Men, Women, Young and old, and we all strive to both improve in our boxing technique and to have fun. Andras has a phrase he always shouts out, "Enjoy Boxing". And I feel that’s his main aim. If you have a problem or have difficulty in something, Andras will take time out to help you, and will always encourage you. If you attend his class, expect to leave pretty exhausted, but with a massive smile on your face."

Andy Krenar Murataj

Andy Krenar Murataj.jpg

"I have been training with Andras since the day I decided I wanted to box competitively and was told by the owner of my gym that he was the best boxing coach around. The thing that most appealed to me about making the big decision of having Andras as my coach was his wealth of experience and although he is very humble he has had over 70 fights and was in the Hungarian national boxing team. This experience paired with the passion i saw him show with every one he trained made me certain that he was the man I needed to take my boxing to the next level.

I'm not the easiest person to train as I didn't start boxing till late and didn't have the skills that are drilled in to most amateurs from a young age. Despite this Andras took me on and worked tirelessly to teach me everything he could and within 6 months I was competing at my first boxing event in which with the preparation and instructions from my coach and corner-man Andras, I walked out with my first win under my belt.

I have now been training with Andras for 4 years and with him in my corner we have obtained Title belts from 2 different boxing organisations in 2 different weight categories. Most recently I was invited to box in the Queensbury Boxing League in which I have fought in 3 televised fights and Won the regional Super Middle Weight Title.

After 4 years and countless hours spent in the gym I'm amazed how Andras manages to keep teaching me new things and improving my skills every session and now has got a gym tailored to his boxing philosophy there will be a lot more belts for me and the Team Hizo family!"

Matt Ward

"I was boxing in London for 3 years, training with some good coaches.I came to Brighton and Andras improved my technique to a higher level."


Ramóna Nagy

"András is knowledgeable and passionate about boxing. He brings out the best from you. He gives the same attention to you whether you are just a beginner or have been boxing for years. I cannot recommend him enough."

Max Miele

"Boxing teaches; patience, confidence, commitment, discipline, and dedication. András the head coach has taught me all of these along with fitness and of course the art and joy of boxing. He has become a true friend that I can always rely on and come to if in need. I originally came to his gym to become fitter but I feel I have got so much more, his attitude to the sport encourages you to continue to come and better myself, I tried boxing before but András makes it fun, his knowledges is second to none. I'm exceptionally proud to wear my uniform and represent the club when I spar/box anyone just so I can show everyone the skills Team Hizó has taught me. If you come to compete or just to get fit you will feel at home here.” 

Manar Basheer

"Andras is one of the best coaches I have trained with. Ever since I started boxing two years ago, he's taught me all the techniques and moves that improved my skills. My knowledge was so little on boxing, but now I'm proud to say that because of Andras I'm at a progressed level. I recommend anyone who wants to work on their boxing skills and/or fitness to work with Andras."

Saad Touman

"I joined team Hizo last year looking for better fitness and some new friends... it was amazing the whole team had a great dynamic, Andras makes sure that everyone is involved and on their own pace... it was a great experience that encouraged me to go back into boxing... If I hadn’t moved out of Brighton I would surely still be training with the team. I know they say no pain no gain but Andras makes sure that there is no pain but a lot of gain .."

Tamás Hertelendi

"Andreas is a great coach who pushes you hard and widens your knowledge and skills. He is so much more than an instructor, he is now also my friend. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get back into shape, learn about boxing or to get into the ring to compete.



"I've been in Andras boxing class for about a year now,
I never thought I would like boxing but I love it and having
Andras as a teacher is a bonus, he's a awesome coach,
I have learnt that it's not just about punching he is very technical
with his skill of boxing, his classes are brilliant not just a class
a great workout and fun too. Never a dull moment!"


"I always feel comfortable going to a training session with Andràs (group/class or 121s) it's never a case of finding a friend to go with and not wanting to go if your on your own as it's a friendly and inviting atmosphere and having been training with him for a year or so now I not only feel like I've vastly improved my technique and boxing posture under his watch but Andràs seems to be very good at developing a relationship with all his students to the point where it feels like your training with a friend more than just a coach.” 


"My son and I have been training with Andras for over a year now. He is a fantastic coach, positive, energetic and patient. We love working with him and he has massively improved our technique, our fitness and our confidence too. Neil & Harry Mortensen"


"I've been training with Andreás for over 2 years now. He always manages to keep it interesting, mixing up different techniques and excises to keep you thinking. And it's safe to say I'm in much better shape training with him than I would be without him."


"I like training with Andreas because he is very knowledgable and experienced and explains the boxing technique in a simple way I can understand. He is patient and also pushes me in a positive way. I have improved a lot under his training. I chose him as a coach because of his expertise and because he is very kind and friendly and this helps me to achieve great results."



"András is an amazing coach. His training is always fun, challenging and varied!

He's picking up everyone at his own level of experience which makes his training great and accessible for everybody!"

Gearóid Garvey

"András is a great trainer. He’s patient, encouraging and always wants to get the best out of you. He has created a welcoming atmosphere, with a community of people of all abilities and ages. My technique and fitness continue to improve and I always look forward to training as every session is different. Highly recommend.”